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IntelliShop eCommerce Platform 7. Your B2B e-commerce solution with a business strategy.

We know what your business needs. Because we’ve been successfully implementing multistore solutions for small, medium-sized, and large businesses with a variety of industry backgrounds for ten years. And because we know exactly how you can benefit from using e-commerce to interlink all of your sales channels.

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A successful B2B online store is not simply a digitized version of a retail store. Rather, it is an electronic sales consultant that adapts to your customer’s shopping behavior. It not only fulfills a customer’s need, but sparks it. We therefore invite you to use IntelliShop eCommerce Platform 7 and profit from an intelligent commercial solution that gets you even closer to your customers!

This B2B microsite offers details about multistore scenarios, profitable business strategies, and IntelliShop’s B2B editions.

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