Multistore. From the start!

International e-commerce plus successful expansion
into new countries and markets - with IntelliShop.

The flow of goods and information available digitally, anytime. Locally and globally. Accessible and present for your business customers. In the appropriate language, and at regional conditions and prices.

Sounds complicated? We make it easy by offering a centralized multistore architecture for many requirements and markets. As individual and flexible as your clients have been requesting for years. And as fast and efficient as competitive pressure demands.

IntelliShop lets you manage multiple online stores with one single installation. At the same time, multistores can be interconnected via cascading inheritance. A centrally managed item master list can then be applied across multiple stores for different target audiences, varying pricing models, or custom designs.

Your multistore advantages:

  • One single installation, multiple markets

  • Fast country rollouts

  • Efficient, centralized product management

  • Intelligent inheritance scenarios

  • Cost-effective hosting

  • Excellent flexibility and scalability

Multi-faceted store scenarios - integrated into one central platform.
For maximum flexibility while keeping costs in check.

IntelliShop eCommerce Platform’s multistore architecture enables short project cycles and consistently meets the high standards of an enterprise solution that demands scalability, performance, flexibility, and integration capability.

Country rollouts and brand-driven theme stores can be implemented in the shortest amount of time if and when needed. Using one centralized installation. For maximum scalability and with minimum effort.

The multistore feature lies at the core of every IntelliShop edition. Even if you’re only starting with one store or a single online catalog, you’re already setting the stage for the flexible rendering and successful expansion of your international commercial infrastructure!


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