A solid partner

IntelliShop AG: a solid partner

Founded in 2004, IntelliShop AG has shown high annual growth rates and has quickly proven itself as one of the most innovative service providers in the area of sophisticated store systems within the enterprise segment.

Shareholders such as L-Bank provide IntelliShop with a solid, long-term business base and make IntelliShop a robust yet flexible partner for companies across a wide range of industries. Some of IntelliShop’s B2B customers include Eppendorf, GEA, Wieland Electric, 1&1, Horizont, EWM, Knüppel, and Nordwest. In the B2C area, companies such as T-Mobile, Telering, Eismann, and the Austrian Postal Service use and trust IntelliShop.

Decision-making criteria for IntelliShop

The IntelliShop eCommerce Platform is a highly scalable enterprise solution for larger SMEs as well as corporations, and each project within this enterprise segment is unique. The power of the IntelliShop solution lies in the combination of a digital commercial platform—a platform that is characterized by its long list of features, flexible interfaces, and uncompromising stability as standard—with the flexibility to individually render a sophisticated commercial infrastructure in a process-oriented manner.

Its modular architecture and innovative process manager offer full alignment of the store with well-established business processes. Thanks to the integration of middleware, it quickly and easily integrates into your existing IT infrastructure. The innovative connector principle makes it easy to connect third-party systems and online partners or affiliates. Moreover, IntelliShop’s plug-in principle ensures that project modules never interfere with or even impede updatability of the core with its standard or premium modules.

The IntelliShop eCommerce Platform follows our motto “Don’t substitute, just integrate.” Existing sales channels are supported, and processes are optimized. IntelliShop makes it possible to implement not only a true multichannel offering, especially in B2B commerce, but also allows integration of single or multi-tier retail distribution systems and field sales into one future-proof e-commerce strategy.

Experts for international multistore projects

E-commerce is so much more than an additional sales channel and begins well upstream from your own online store presence. Often, it begins with a digital product catalog in order to support sales and field sales reps. IntelliShop allows you to enter digitized offer and order workflow processes gradually and at your own pace. You secure competitive advantages and lay the foundation for sustainable success in online commerce. Our process-oriented software approach, virtualization technology, and clustering features also help reliably render and implement an extremely complex inventory stock of products and product variations, as well as very high numbers of visitors.

Another challenge in many e-commerce projects is the efficient implementation of multistore designs. The majority of IntelliShop users runs a multitude of international online stores, be they in Europe, North America, or Asia. And don’t forget brand-driven theme stores. The IntelliShop eCommerce Platform supports sophisticated multistore models and, in using intelligent wizards, significantly facilitates scalability into additional country or theme stores. We of course take into account any national specificities or requirements, legal framework, and diverse IT ecosystems that very often are highly heterogeneous. Virtual stores with customized user interfaces, products and services optimized for mobile shopping, or integration into online shopping portals can also be easily accomplished.



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