B2B reference clients

IntelliShop knows and understands the peculiarities of B2B commerce. Listed below you will find a selection of our B2B reference clients and projects. The majority of projects are international multistore scenarios:


An international multistore platform

Eppendorf AG, headquartered in Hamburg, Germany, is a large international corporation operating in the area of life sciences and develops, manufactures, and sells high-precision systems for use in laboratories. Whether for academic or industrial research; clinical, environmental, forensic or industrial labs: demanding clients have been putting their trust in this owner-managed company’s wide range of products for years. Founded in 1945 on the campus of the university hospital in Hamburg-Eppendorf, the Eppendorf company brand has steadily grown into a global standard of quality. Today, Eppendorf satisfies the worldwide demand for pipettes, devices, accessories, and consumables with subsidiaries established in 25 countries as well as distribution partners in even more markets. In addition to the typical sales channel via wholesalers, the company increasingly relies on a powerful online store system embedded within the framework of its e-commerce strategy. Nine countries have already successfully adopted it.

GEA Farm Technologies

A multichannel strategy for agricultural supplies

GEA Farm Technologies, headquartered in Bönen, Germany, is an international systems and solutions provider for commercial milk production and animal husbandry. In manufacturing milking and refrigeration technology, automated feeding installations, barn equipment and manure technology, as well as offering service solutions, the company under the umbrella of the GEA Group has established a name for itself internationally: GEA Farm Technologies is one of the leading providers in the area of milking technology in more than ninety percent of markets. Over the next few years, the business offering articles of daily use and consumables for farmers working in animal husbandry is headed for further expansion. The plan is to set up online stores offering agricultural and farming supplies - centrally managed from Bönen - for 25 countries by the year 2015. The innovative approach: the stores are aimed at wholesalers and distributors as well as at agricultural retail customers.

Wieland Electric

An online platform for a sophisticated product portfolio

The products manufactured by Wieland Electric GmbH, a family-run corporation headquartered in Bamberg, Germany, have shaped the market for electrical systems and electronics. A pioneer in the area of electrical connectivity, Wieland has been successfully established in the German marketplace for over 100 years. The company is also excellently positioned on an international level, operating numerous subsidiaries worldwide. The more than 200,000 individual parts and components plus their documentation making up an extremely diversified product range of 22,000 articles need to be managed! Wieland faced the challenge of replicating their entire distribution infrastructure and workflow processes in the form of an online store, and adopted the IntelliShop eCommerce Platform.


A comprehensive service portfolio for specialist dealers

NORDWEST Handel AG, headquartered in Hagen, Germany, is an international procurement and marketing alliance for industrial B2B. The alliance aims to strengthen the competitive position of approximately 800 specialist distribution partners in the areas of steel, construction/skilled trade/industry, as well as plumbing and heating technology. One of the core tasks of the alliance is to pool purchasing volumes and provide centralized settlement services. By offering attractive terms and conditions, exclusive private-label brands, and specialized services, the alliance strengthens the position of its distribution partners in the face of regional competition. In addition, NORDWEST Handel AG helps its specialist dealers gain a foothold in multichannel marketing by adopting a truly modern e-commerce concept.

Further B2B reference clients (optional)

For more information on these B2B cases please get in touch with your IntelliShop conultant.

For many projects we are offering detailed case studies (in German language) as PDF download files.


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