The economic indicator!

The B2B e-commerce indicator was brought to life in September 2013 by IntelliShop in cooperation with the E-Commerce-Center Cologne (ECC Köln). The aim of the indicator is to remedy the current lack of information that exists about the importance of e-commerce in terms of sales trends in German B2B companies.

Sales trends and current developments

Digitized offer and order workflow processes are a key success factor in B2B commercial infrastructure and have become indispensable. In spite of the by now major significance of e-commerce for B2B commerce and innovative, successful multichannel strategies, however, when it comes to online shopping and procurement private end users are still at the forefront of research studies and surveys. The new B2B e-commerce indicator will for the first time present decision makers and e-commerce stakeholders with a consolidated benchmark that is no longer distorted by consumer retail data.

A panel across all B2B industries

To this end, every two months IntelliShop and ECC Köln send out surveys to German businesses across all economic sectors whose activities focus primarily on business customers. In order to participate in the survey, a one-time registration is required that takes a maximum of five minutes to complete. The subsequent core survey, repeated every eight weeks, comprises only a total of five questions.

Results, free of charge

The respective results of the B2B e-commerce indicator are evaluated six times per year by ECC Köln and then offered—in the form of a downloadable PDF report—by IntelliShop, free to all panel participants as well as any additionally registered interested parties. Here on this website you will find all the details about the initiators as well as information about the survey and the opportunity to participate as a panelist. IntelliShop and ECC Köln are thrilled about your interest in the B2B e-commerce indicator and would like to invite you to actively participate!


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