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With the user testimonies below we aim to present our most representative examples for B2B commerce as well as the utilization of our IntelliShop eCommerce Platform and B2B editions for the various B2B industries. Most projects have one thing in common: Typically, we develop an international strategy hand in hand with our customer, and then implement it step by step within the framework of a multistore scenario. For many of our B2B customers, e-commerce serves to not only increase the benefits to their customers but also optimize their accessories, supplies, and consumables business, in addition to interconnecting their sales channels.

Please find an overview of all IntelliShop user testimonies in (german) here, as well as in PDF download format.

A selection of recent B2B commerce user testimonies:


Case study - EWM

EWM offers a system comprising top-quality individual components that are technologically highly developed and completely coordinated with one another. In all our development efforts, we focus on offering optimum usability and operability. This means that the aim of our welding machines and all our other products is to consistently achieve the best possible results for every welding process, to effectively conserve resources and last but not least to save welding time and effort for you and your staff.

The advantages for you as our customers are obvious: Thanks to our complete range of products, you have just one contact instead of many for all services and in all product areas. Regardless of your sector of industry, your product or your welding process. EWM offers you specialist advice and competent servicing for the entire welding process chain directly from the factory. In addition, we guarantee that all our products are readily available and can be supplied quickly which means that your desired welding machines and other articles that you need for welding will be available promptly. Get to know the advantages of our welding machines, welding torches and other welding technology. On our website you can also find out which welding machines are suitable for which welding process. You are also invited to get in touch with our EWM's experts.


Wieland Electric

Case study - Wieland

At Wieland, tradition and innovative thinking go hand in hand. The company is proud to be based in Germany. Not only have they maintained a high level of technology, but they are also expanding their state-of-the-art Bamberg production lines. Their extremely diversified portfolio of products ranges from terminal blocks and PCB clamps, building installation systems, right through to industrial connectors and security systems. For each of these products there exists a host of technical data and documents, such as CAD data, assembly instructions, dimension drawings, drilling diagrams, as well as country and industry-specific accreditations and licenses. Categorizing and publishing this information posed an ever greater challenge for Wieland. And so the search began for an efficient and future-proof system.

“First of all, it was our goal to visualize our entire comprehensive product portfolio in all its rich diversity. We wanted to present our customers and employees with the opportunity to access all available information online,” explains Norbert Back, eBusiness IT Director at Wieland, outlining the start of an ambitious project. Due to the various different product lines and the fact that many products have been on offer for many years, several sources of information existed that needed to be consolidated and centralized first. However, the company surmounted their first hurdle—organizing the data in-house—very well. “Our aim during the second stage was to publish the data,” Norbert Back continues. “Primarily to enable our customers, wholesale resellers, and project managers to access the entirety of product information and product variations quickly and fully via an electronic catalog.” Subsequently, the e-catalog was expanded into an online commercial platform.



Case study - NORDWEST

The NORDWEST procurement alliance has taken on the task of improving its affiliated dealers’ positioning by offering new and revolutionary services while keeping in mind industry-specific requirements. One of the specifics is that most specialist dealers would barely have the resources to set up a professional and comprehensive e-store in addition to operating and supporting it. “We offered our dealers our first online store system back in 1998,” says Thomas Cramer, business unit manager for IT Consulting and Industrial Services at NORDWEST. “Given the thriving success of e-commerce, however, we wanted to approach this the right way. Three years ago we therefore began searching for a modern, powerful, and scalable online store system that we could adapt to our dealers’ respective requirements quickly and easily. In terms of e-commerce, retail was well ahead of our industrial B2B dealers at that time, which made us systematically search for experiences from B2C retail that we could then transfer to B2B.”

Thomas Cramer’s conclusion is a positive one: “More than 130 NORDWEST dealers have adopted our e-store concept, with 100 stores already live and online.” He has also noticed that it is no longer necessary to convince dealers of the importance of having their own online store: “Rather, we are now talking about how items can be sold even better online, and how the online store itself can be optimized further.”


GEA Farm Technologies

Case study - GEA

Be it consumables for milking systems; workwear; household and farm items; care, barn or pasture products for cattle, sheep, or goats: Farmers demand a whole host of agricultural accessories and supplies. Up until now, these products were sold to the end user exclusively via a dealership network. Communication for this traditional sales channel took place mostly via print media. Because this market has been rapidly growing globally, consumables and articles of daily use are expected to make up a larger share of revenue for GEA Farm Technologies in the future. A new strategy and attractive sales tools are to support the effort.

This new, future-led orientation is backed up, on the one hand, by the observation that the purchasing behavior of farmers has drastically changed. A new, Internet-literate generation has swept into farms that not only purchases their goods via traditional wholesale distributors, but increasingly uses online shopping platforms. The emergent idea is to use the traditional B2B business with dealers and distributors, but also to address end consumers directly. The current trend of dealers and distributors to shift their entire supply chain management over to the major providers—who take care of warehousing and logistics—also reconfirms this decision to realign their business model and choose a multichannel strategy.



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